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The Northern Schools Quidditch Championship 2019

16th Jul 2019

Enrich Education, Quidditch UK and Quidditch Premier League hosted the very first UK primary school quidditch final and Liverpool Hope University

The North West was selected for the event, due to the popularity of the sport within primary schools across the area. The tournament will took place on Saturday 6 July.

Four schools competed in the landmark event, with the winners being crowned the first ever Northern Schools Quidditch Champions. The schools that took part were: St Aloysius Catholic Primary School, Wharton Primary School, Evelyn Community Primary and Woodheys Primary School.

“Enrich Education is delighted to have delivered on the aim of introducing school quidditch tornaments” said Enrich Educate Director Matthew Vaudrey. “Quidditch is proving really popular. It is a fast, physical, fun sport that engages and encourages all pupils to be active. The potential for the growth of youth quidditch across the UK is huge and creating opportunities for young people.” “Enrich has worked hard to standardise the youth sport through a national rule set and producing official youth quidditch equipment, today is the first time our match quaffles and bludgers have been used in a competitive setting and it is great to see how the players react to this. The quidditch equipment is designed specifically for the youth game and has been used on our school events and training for the past few months”

QuidditchUK is the official governing body of quidditch in the United Kingdom and is affiliated with the International Quidditch Association.

“QuidditchUK are excited to see our sport growing and expanding” said QuidditchUK President Matt Bateman. “This tournament sets an incredibly important milestone, acting as a testament to the hard work done in getting quidditch into more schools and youth communities. As quidditch enters its thirteenth year, it is now played across youth, university students and graduates alike. We are excited to see regular youth competitions contribute to the development of quidditch and ultimately, the growth of our athletic community in years to come.”

And it turned out to be a fantastic tournament with all the schools trying their hardest to reach the final and be crowned champions.

The final saw a Liverpool versus Manchester with St Aloysius Primary School from Liverpool against Woodheys Primary School, from Manchester and what a final it was with Woodheys seeker Victoria Williams catching the Golden Snitch in the dying seconds to win the match, Woodheys Primary were crowned Northwest Quidditch Champions!

Joint third place places went to Evelyn Primary School, Prescot and Wharton Primary, Salford.

Coach Nick from Wharton Primary School tweeted: What an amazing day today was! Some of our children competed in the Quidditch Northern Finals over in #Liverpool They all worked so hard and did fantastically well. Coach Nick was very proud of you all. Big thanks to @enrichedu for organising.

Pictures of the finals can be found here for more information on our school events, quidditch equipment or training please visit out quidditch page.



"Children's University has helped some of our children walk tall and believe in themselves. They have discovered their strengths, made new friends and aimed high."

Mrs Julia Ashton • Head Teacher St Mary's Blackbrook Catholic Primary School (St Helens)

"Last year, during sports week, we had a Quidditch workshop. It was brilliant. It was something completely different that really motivated and inspired the children to get active. The workshop ran brilliantly involving all the differing needs of the class. I have already booked for next year….it was so good! "

Mrs Justine Kellett • Head Teacher Queen’s Park C.E/U.R.C Primary School (St Helens)

"The Outdoor Learning twilight was a great success, expertly delivered by Joe. All staff joined in and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Joe was able to show how each activity could be adapted for all children from EYFS to Y6. A fabulous resource! Thank you."

Mrs Jan Cunningham • Head Teacher St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School (Knowsley)

"I had been looking to develop our outdoor environment as a way to engage the children in skills that are generally lacking in many children these days. I arranged a training session with Enrich Education as well as the installation of our orienteering course. The children have all used the course and it has been great to see children who may not appear confident in a formal classroom environment really flourish in the outdoor world. Our recent Ofsted visit by an HMI was particularly complimentary about the schools attitude towards meeting the needs of all learners. Great guys, well organised and there to help all the way. We even had a slight change to our course which was attended to immediately."

Mr Danny MacAreavy • Head Teacher St John Bosco Catholic Primary School (Sefton)

"Quidditch has brought a new element of sport to our school, we are always looking for innovative and creative ways to engage the children in sport especially when utilising our sports premium funding and this experience has done that, it has been fantastic and delivered in such a quality way by Enrich Education. "

John Casson • Head Teacher Hope Primary School (Knowsley)

"The Outdoor Learning was a fantastic, fun experience both for children and staff. It covers more than one area of the curriculum in a engaging and active way, which is always a good thing!! Well worth doing and the staff who deliver it are brilliant!"

Mrs Jeanette Grundy • Head Teacher St Leo's and Southmead Catholic Nursery & Primary School (Knowsley)