1. Who are Enrich Education?

At Enrich Education we encourage to achieve through learning, to gain recognition for their achievements and to raise their aspirations to succeed in the future. We believe children should be involved in learning in its broadest sense, both inside and outside the classroom if they are to achieve their potential. That is why we offer a range of activities including the Children’s University, PE and after-school clubs, Quidditch and School Orienteering.

  1. What is the Children’s University?

Described by the Sunday Times as ‘The University of Fun’, The Children’s University encourages 5-14-year olds to try new experiences, develop new interests and acquire new skills. The children receive credits for participation and commitment which ultimately leads to them experiencing a full graduation ceremony at a local university.

Enrich Education delivers Children’s University across Knowsley, St Helens, Halton, Salford and  Trafford. There are over 60 schools running the programme across these five areas of the North West. There are thousands of more schools participating across the United Kingdom.

For more information surrounding this, visit the Children’s University page.

  1. How can I support my child to complete the Children’s University?

There are numerous things to you can do to support your children achieving through the Children’s University programme. Encouraging them to participate and commit to attending any extra-curricular activities available at their school would be an ideal first step.

There is also a multitude of validated ‘Learning Activities’ which you can visit with your children (such as museums and local clubs) where your child can gain stamps in their Children’s University passport to learning – equating to learning credits.

If you would like your child to participate in Children’s University, but their school is not yet involved, please on our contact details to the relevant members of staff at your child’s school.

  1. What happens once my school signs up for The Children’s University?

When a school signs an annual Service Level Agreement (SLA) with Enrich Education, this effectively registers all of its pupils to have the chance to take part in the Children’s University for that year. The SLA includes all the necessary support and tools to launch, administer and promote the programme – as well as the school’s own graduation ceremony at the end of the year.

Participating pupils need to achieve 30 hrs of validated extra-curricular learning in order to receive the first National certificate – a Bronze Award. They can continue to strive for higher certifications throughout their learning journey.

  1. What does Enrich Education’s School Orienteering entail?

Enrich Education offers schools a choice of packages that can support the delivery of the PE, Geography and Science curricula, through our Outdoor Learning Fieldwork & Adventurous Activities and Active Science & Fieldwork Activities, including the provision of a school-specific orienteering map, staff training, and resources pack.

For more information on outdoor learning fieldwork & adventurous activities

For more information on active science & fieldwork

  1. What does Enrich Education’s Sport’s Coaching entail?

Enrich Education delivers holiday activity camps, one-off events, tournaments, and regular weekly sports and outdoor learning sessions, in a number of North West schools. Our experienced and qualified sports specialists deliver in excess of 600 hours of activity in schools, every term.

  1. What activities do we complete within our Sport’s Coaching programme?

There is an extensive range of sports that we can deliver, including Athletics, Basketball, Boxing Aerobics, Dodgeball, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Kwik Cricket, Multi-Sports, Quidditch, Tag Rugby, Tennis, Tri-Golf and much more. If there is something that isn’t on the list that you may be interested in – contact one of our team for more information.

  1. Do Enrich offer one-off events or tournaments with Sport’s Coaching?

Enrich Education is able to lead on the delivery of one-off events and tournaments. These include; fun staff inset days, school health weeks, sports days, enrichment days, outdoor learning/team building days, staff CPD for PE, quidditch and outdoor learning and parental engagement activities.

  1. What is Quidditch?

Originating from the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Quidditch is a fast, physical and highly active sport, which is growing in popularity with young people everywhere.

Enrich Education is the official education partner of QuidditchUK and the Quidditch Premier League.

  1. How can I get my school involved with Quidditch?

Enrich Education can deliver full-day Quidditch events/tournaments to schools, anywhere in the country. The events can be linked to a themed day or week. For example World Book Day, School Sport Week or even Halloween!

For more information on how to get your school involved – contact one of our Quidditch specialists today by filling out a website enquiry form.

  1. Where can I get all the official Quidditch equipment from?

We offer all Quidditch equipment in our online shop. Enrich Education is the ONLY official youth Quidditch equipment provider in the United Kingdom!

  1. How can I keep up to date with all the latest news & events?

You can simply keep up to date with the latest news by signing up to our email newsletter, visiting our events page or browsing our news page.

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"Children's University has helped some of our children walk tall and believe in themselves. They have discovered their strengths, made new friends and aimed high."

Mrs Julia Ashton • Head Teacher St Mary's Blackbrook Catholic Primary School (St Helens)

"Last year, during sports week, we had a Quidditch workshop. It was brilliant. It was something completely different that really motivated and inspired the children to get active. The workshop ran brilliantly involving all the differing needs of the class. I have already booked for next year….it was so good! "

Mrs Justine Kellett • Head Teacher Queen’s Park C.E/U.R.C Primary School (St Helens)

"The Outdoor Learning twilight was a great success, expertly delivered by Joe. All staff joined in and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Joe was able to show how each activity could be adapted for all children from EYFS to Y6. A fabulous resource! Thank you."

Mrs Jan Cunningham • Head Teacher St Andrew the Apostle Catholic Primary School (Knowsley)

"I had been looking to develop our outdoor environment as a way to engage the children in skills that are generally lacking in many children these days. I arranged a training session with Enrich Education as well as the installation of our orienteering course. The children have all used the course and it has been great to see children who may not appear confident in a formal classroom environment really flourish in the outdoor world. Our recent Ofsted visit by an HMI was particularly complimentary about the schools attitude towards meeting the needs of all learners. Great guys, well organised and there to help all the way. We even had a slight change to our course which was attended to immediately."

Mr Danny MacAreavy • Head Teacher St John Bosco Catholic Primary School (Sefton)

"Quidditch has brought a new element of sport to our school, we are always looking for innovative and creative ways to engage the children in sport especially when utilising our sports premium funding and this experience has done that, it has been fantastic and delivered in such a quality way by Enrich Education. "

John Casson • Head Teacher Hope Primary School (Knowsley)

"The Outdoor Learning was a fantastic, fun experience both for children and staff. It covers more than one area of the curriculum in a engaging and active way, which is always a good thing!! Well worth doing and the staff who deliver it are brilliant!"

Mrs Jeanette Grundy • Head Teacher St Leo's and Southmead Catholic Nursery & Primary School (Knowsley)